AutismXpress Pro

Client:  Autism Spectrum Australia

Brief: 1 in 160 children worldwide have autism in some form.  With that being said, there is a general consensus that most of these children have difficulty recognizing emotional expressions and miss facial cues of others.

Solution: That is why AutismXpress is the key to unlock the door to understanding children’s emotions, to educate Autistic children on how to express their feeling and engage them through interactive games, emotion memory, and expression questions.



Exercise Your Mind

Client: Mental Health Council of  Australia

Brief: Design and Develop a mobile app to be outputted to both IOS and Android devices to promote the use of exercise to make mental well-being.

Solution: A location-based app that allowed the user to customise, select and track an exercise regimen in accordance with their level of fitness .



Imagine - Predict the Future

Client: Metanew

Brief: Develop an IOS app to be populated by User generated content based on their predictions for the future

Solution: A location-based app that allows each user to set up an account and post their predictions, view, like and share other users predictions.